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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

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Cooperation with local governments

Cooperation with Ishikawa Prefecture

RCAST and Ishikawa Prefecture have carried on exchange programs for over 10 years: sending RCAST researchers to seminars organized by Ishikawa Prefecture, accepting officials and specialists sent from Ishikawa Pref., etc. Going through the collaboration commenced with personal exchanges, and the RCAST Satellite office in Ishikawa was launched in 2012, under MOU, which was concluded at the same time. In addition, since 2013, Ishikawa Pref. has conducted a program promoting Ishikawa industries, making use of RCAST’s research seeds.

連携事業採択式   太陽光発電設備
Ceremony for the joint project with companies (left), Solar power generation prototype system, developed in the joint research (right)

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