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Director's Message

Ryohei Kanzaki, Director
RCAST, bringing people and society together and creating the future through the harmony of science and technology

Ryohei KANZAKI, Director

Organisms, including humans, rely heavily on thesurrounding environment. It is no exaggeration to say thatour individual and social activities become visible depending on the environment.

The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) pursues advanced research in science and technology as well as in social sciences and the field of barrier-free research. We extend these research areas over a wide range, from basic and applied fields further to the social system. RCAST has advantages in the research environment allowing us to respond quickly and properly to the needs of society by taking an interdisciplinary approach to research. RCAST is, so to speak, "a mini-University of Tokyo" with agility.

In order to solve the complex social problems we are faced with today or will be in the near future, the question of how to combine individual research fields is a big challenge. We believe that it is important to simultaneously carry out both basic and applied research in proper balance. Highly reliable and stable basic sciences make it possible to confirm situations from the ground up when problems occur. RCAST performs applied research and interdisciplinary research based on reliable and stable basic research. We are constantly taking on new challenges to respond to the everchanging needs of society. For this purpose, young and talented researchers are indispensable. One of the RCAST's critical missions is to provide them with a comfortable research environment where they can learn and grow, and have the opportunity to move from individual research to interdisciplinary research. The environment, people and research at the RCAST will lead to the generation of synergy not only on the research but also on society. We believe that new, future-focused research can be initiated, and the problems we are faced with today can be solved by an interdisciplinary approach, through collaboration and fusion of various research fields at RCAST.

For a future of people and society, RCAST will continuously promote new advanced science and technology, valuing the harmony between science and technology, using its characteristic features as "a mini-University of Tokyo" with agility.

(April 2016)

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