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RCAST, the University of Tokyo

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The mission statement of RCAST reads as follows:
The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) aims to contribute to the development of science and technology by expeditiously taking on new challenges arising from the advancement of science and coincident changes in society, and by exploring new areas of advanced science and technology for the benefit of humankind and society.

RCAST does not use specific research areas or fields for the name of the institute because it intends to undertake advanced research which meets the needs of the time. Your donations are invaluable in helping us to support a wider range of the world's leading science and technology research.

Please refer to the following page for a list of the wide variety of activities which RCAST is involved in.

Link of inside Research

Link of outside Education

Link of inside Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

Link of inside International Collaboration

Link of inside Collaboration with Society

Purpose of donations

If you would like to donate to specific research, researchers, or other activities, please indicate this on your application form. Donations are used for the following purposes:

- To support research and education in RCAST (student support and Scholarships)

- To develop and improve the environment for academic research (Faculties)

- To collaborate with society (holding open seminars, symposiums, and so on)

- For international exchanges at RCAST (inviting overseas researchers, holding international symposiums)

Donations flowchart

1. Download the donations application form (in Japanese).

Data file Donations application form (PDF:166KB)

2. Fill in the required information on the application form (example).

Data file Donations application form example(PDF:166KB)

3. Send the application form to the following address:

    4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8904 JAPAN
    Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
    Financial and Planning Team

4. We will send you a donation request (invoice) after we receive your application.

Information on donors is not used for any purpose other than processing the donation and is never disclosed.

Tax Benefits

1. Corporations: All donations of any amount to the University of Tokyo Foundation can be included as deductible expenses for tax purposes.

2. Individuals: The portion of your donation exceeding 2,000 yen is applicable as an income deduction up to a limit of 40% of your annual income in the applicable year. Your donation receipt can be used as an exemption certificate.


    Financial and Planning Team
    Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
    The University of Tokyo

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