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November 21, 2017(Tue)
13:30 - 17:00

RCAST special symposium on climate science


Link of Inside ENEOS Hall, RCAST, The University of Tokyo


Climate Science Research Lab, RCAST


13:30 Opening remark (Hisashi NAKAMURA, University of Tokyo)

13:35 Ngar-Cheung LAU (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
"Role of monsoon variability in heat wave activity over South China and Indochina"

14:10 Huang-Hsiung HSU (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
"The Western North Pacific: A hot spot of climate variability and change"

14:45 Hisashi NAKAMURA (University of Tokyo)
"Potential importance of midlatitude oceanic fronts for the Southern Annular Mode in its inter-basin asymmetries and vertical connectivity"

15:10 (break)

15:25 Xianyao CHEN (Ocean University of China)
"Perspective on EOF analysis of global SST"

16:00 Yu KOSAKA (University of Tokyo)
"Global influence of tropical Pacific variability and its uncertainty"

16:25 John M. WALLACE (University of Washington)
"Structure and dynamics of the atmospheric signature of ENSO"

17:00 Closing

English (No Interpreter)

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