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June 22, 2018(Fri)
15:00 - 16:00

RCAST Security Seminar #01
"Global Migration Crises: Africa, Middle East and Europe"


Link of Inside RCAST Cafe, 1st Floor, RCAST Bldg. 14

RCAST is pleased to announce the launch of a new conversation series on a wide range of aspects in security studies. The first talk will be given by Prof. Jim Hollifield who will preview his forthcoming book entitled UNDERSTANDING GLOBAL MIGRATION (Stanford University Press), which covers all major migration systems in different regions of the world.

Speaker: James F. Hollifield, Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Tower Center for Political Studies at the Southern Methodist University

Moderator: Satoshi Ikeuchi, Associate Professor, RCAST, University of Tokyo

Categories: Open to RCAST and University of Tokyo Staff, Faculty & Students and Invitees

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