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Researcher's Profile

Visiting Associate Professor


Cognitive Sciences


2001. 03
California Institute of Technology, Ph.D in Computation and Neural Systems
2001. 04
JSPS Research Fellow(PD)
2002. 05
Visiting Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health, USA.
2003. 09
Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology
2006. 04
Associate Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo(UTokyo)
2015. 04
Professor, Department of Intermedia Art and Science, Waseda University
2015. 04
Visiting Associate Professor, RCAST, UTokyo (- 2018.03 )

Research Interests

Research in the laboratory focuses on perception, cognition, and action. The main themes include: (1) scientific investigations on explicit and implicit processes in human perception, cognition and action, (2) interdisciplinary approaches to cognitive science, and (3) real-life applications of knowledge of cognitive science. Recent projects include: perceptual distortion of space and time, psychophysical investigation of audio-visual integration, the automation process of learned sequential actions, implicit processes for decision making based on preference, cognitive analysis on media contents, eye movement studies of visual cognition and attention, implicit learning of visual contexts, implicit motor synchronization, cognitive neuroscience of the interaction between digital media and children, and postdictive decision making. We closely collaborate with AIST (Cognition and Action Research Group, HSBE, Japan), CREST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), Caltech (Shimojo lab, USA), and the National Center for Child Health and Development (Japan). Non-exhaustive keywords are: perception, attention, crossmodal interaction, action, learning, plasticity, motivation, emotion, development, decision making, brain imaging.

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