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Resaerch Fellow Takahiro Ezaki has been honored with“Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists”.

   Resaerch Fellow Takahiro Ezaki (Mathematical Physics of Emergent Systems) has been received the award for the 32th Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists. The award ceremony will be held on 2016 February 4.

Takahiro Ezaki
Resaerch Fellow Takahiro Ezaki

About research

  “Flow” in social systems (e.g. human mobility, car traffic, and goods distribution) displays complex behavior. For its vastness, it is difficult to simply apply its fundamental knowledge to real systems. To bridge the gap, we proposed a framework of mathematical modeling in which minimal subsystems (i.e. roads) were interconnected with each other. Through this method, we found that the networked flow displays “macroscopic jamming” that is distinctive from the normal jam observed in each subsystem. Moreover, we proved that this macroscopic jamming can be mitigated through a simple redistribution control on flow.

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