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Maneerat Termtanasombat (Kanzaki-Takahashi Lab.) wins the Poster Award of 16th BIO UT

  On 23 April 2016, Ms. Maneerat Termtanasombat, a 2nd graduate student Graduate school of information science and technology, wins the Poster Award of 16th BIO UT. In this award, the presentation:"Development of Cell-based Odorant Sensor Array for Discriminating Multiple Target Odorants with Fluorescence Pattern" is honored.

Maneerat Termtanasombat
Ms. Maneerat Termtanasombat

About research

  Development of an odorant sensor capable of discriminating odorants with high accuracy is now a challenging topic because existing odorant sensors generally have elements with poor odorant selectivity. Recently, our group reported on the development of odorant sensor elements with high sensitivity and selectivity based on Sf21 cells expressing insect odorant receptors (ORs). In this symposium (BIOUT), the development of an odorant sensor array, which combines multiple OR-expressed Sf21 cell lines, was introduced. This odorant sensor array allowed us to discriminate four target odorants by showing odorant-specific response pattern as an increased fluorescence intensity in different regions. In the future, our proposed method might be expanded into the development of an odorant sensor array composed of large number of odorant sensor cell lines that might enable us to discriminate numerous kinds of odorants.

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