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Headline News


First RCAST Cambridge Clare Hall Club meeting be held

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Project researcher Daigo Terutsuki won the 32nd Advanced Technology Award“The Prize of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology”

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Going a long way with super-short work
Researcher pushes new job model for people with disabilities

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Academic, Corporate Collaboration Succeeds at World's Most Efficient Solar Power-Generated Hydrogen Production

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Sorting ghosts
AI-driven ultrafast technology visually identifies cells without images

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University of Tokyo's RCAST, Fujitsu, and Kowa Successfully Create Promising New Compounds to Fight Drug-Resistant Cancer

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Emeritus Professor Takashi Mikuriya (Information, Culture and Social Studies) has been awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon, a Spring 2018 Medal of Honor


Is hydroxyapatite key player in origin of life?
Study unveils catalytic mechanism of ribose generation

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Enduring cold temperatures alters fat cell epigenetics

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Daigoro Hirohama won the First Place Winner of the Young Investigator Competition at the International Aldosterone Conference

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Quantum non-demolition detection of an itinerant microwave photon

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RCAST Signs International Cooperation Agreement with Queensland University of Technology

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Electro-mechano-optical NMR detection

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UTokyo concludes agreement to develop personalized cancer vaccine
Research collaboration focusing on a novel method for neoantigen identification

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Aberrant DNA methylation of pregnane X receptor underlies metabolic gene alterations in the diabetic kidney [Project Associate Professor Takeshi Marumoa and Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)]

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