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Aberrant DNA methylation of pregnane X receptor underlies metabolic gene alterations in the diabetic kidney [Project Associate Professor Takeshi Marumoa and Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)]

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Quantifying quanta - Elementary quantum-computing device used to observe quanta in propagating microwaves
[Professor Yasunobu Nakamura, Assistant Professor Yutaka Tabuchi,Graduate student Shingo Kono (Quantum Information Physics and Engineering) ]

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Keisuke Kawashima (Ishikita Lab.), received Student Presentation Award at The 55th Annual Meeting of The Biophysical Society of Japan

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The proof of the contribution of mineralocorticoid receptor pathway in blood pressure maintenance during salt restriction
Project Researcher Daigoro Hirohama, Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)

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Daigo Terutsuki (Intelligent Cooperative Systems) won the VDEC Design Awards Expectation Prize of the VDEC Designers Forum 2017

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Resolving Quanta in Magnet
Quantitative characterization of a quantum behavior in a magnet using an elementary device for quantum computing
[Professor Yasunobu Nakamura, Research Associate Yutaka Tabuchi (Quantum Information Physics and Engineering)]

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The first proof-of-concept model of salt-sensitive hypertension due to “pure” renal dysfunction [Project researcher Kohei Ueda and Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)]

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Protein acts as natural diode - Newly discovered pathways for transferring electrons involved in metal-oxide reduction
[Professor Hiroshi ISHIKITA, Research Associate Hiroshi WATANABE (Theoretical chemistry)]

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Robotic crowd biology accelerates life science researches - Associate Professor Nozomu Yachie

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In 2017, RCAST celeblates its 30th anniversary

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Chemically-activatable alkyne-tagged probe for imaging microdomains in lipid bilayer membranes
[Professor Akimitsu Okamoto, Lecturer Satoshi Yamaguchi (Bioorganic Chemistry)]

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