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Research News

image 2017/07/06
Link of Inside Resolving Quanta in Magnet
Quantitative characterization of a quantum behavior in a magnet using an elementary device for quantum computing
[Professor Yasunobu Nakamura, Research Associate Yutaka Tabuchi (Quantum Information Physics and Engineering)]
image 2017/06/01
Link of Inside The first proof-of-concept model of salt-sensitive hypertension due to “pure” renal dysfunction [Project researcher Kohei Ueda and Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)]
image 2017/04/28
Link of Outside Protein acts as natural diode - Newly discovered pathways for transferring electrons involved in metal-oxide reduction
[Professor Hiroshi ISHIKITA, Research Associate Hiroshi WATANABE (Theoretical chemistry)]
image 2017/04/20
Link of Inside Robotic crowd biology accelerates life science researches - Associate Professor Nozomu Yachie
image 2016/12/16
Link of Outside Ultra-high-speed optical fiber sensor enables detection of structural damage in real time
[Dr. Neisei Hayashi, Information Devices]
image 2016/12/16
Link of Outside New way for measuring DNA modification that helps initialize cell functions - Tungsten enables one-step analysis of DNA sequences
[Professor Akimitsu Okamoto, Assistant Professor Gosuke Hayashi and graduate student Kenta Koyama (Bioorganic Chemistry)]
image 2016/06/09
Link of Inside Prof. Hisashi Nakamura (Climate Science Research)’s project supported under the Belmont Forum International Opportunities Fund
image 2016/01/14
Link of Inside The way you sound affects your mood - Covert digital manipulation of vocal emotion alter speakers' emotional states in a congruent direction
image 2015/11/11
Link of Inside A revised perspective of the Earth's energy budget during global warming hiatus
image 2015/10/19
Link of Outside Pathway for initial proton released from water-oxidizing enzyme
Revisiting previously hypothesized reaction mechanisms
Professor Hiroshi Ishikita, Lecturer Keisuke Saito (Theoretical chemistry)
image 2015/07/28
Link of Inside RCAST Interdisciplinary Project Discussion Session in “Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Project”held on June 27.
image 2015/07/27
Link of Outside Superconducting qubit and magnetic sphere hybrid
Quantum behavior of millimeter-sized magnets unraveled
Professor Yasunobu NAKAMURA (Quantum Information Physics and Engineering), Yutaka TABUCHI
image 2015/05/15
Link of Outside Regulation of body heat production by high order chromatin structure - Signal sensing protein regulates dynamic chromatin structure -
[Professor Juro Sakai, Project Associate Professor Takeshi Inagaki and Project Researcher Yohei Abe (Metabolic Medicine)]
image 2015/04/20
Link of Inside Prof. Kanzaki (Intelligent Cooperative Systems) and an international team awarded a Research grant from the Human Frontier Science program
image 2015/02/10
Link of Outside The FBXL10/KDM2B scaffolding protein associates with novel polycomb repressive complex-1 to regulate adipogenesis (Article on The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 290, Issue 7, 4163-4177, February 13, 2015) - S.Iwasaki, Project Associate Professor T. Inagaki (Metabolic Medicine) and the research group

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