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Research News

image 2018/07/19
Link of Inside Academic, Corporate Collaboration Succeeds at World's Most Efficient Solar Power-Generated Hydrogen Production
image 2018/04/19
Link of Outside Is hydroxyapatite key player in origin of life?
Study unveils catalytic mechanism of ribose generation
image 2017/12/25
Link of Inside Aberrant DNA methylation of pregnane X receptor underlies metabolic gene alterations in the diabetic kidney [Project Associate Professor Takeshi Marumoa and Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)]
image 2017/11/22
Link of Outside Quantifying quanta - Elementary quantum-computing device used to observe quanta in propagating microwaves
[Professor Yasunobu Nakamura, Assistant Professor Yutaka Tabuchi,Graduate student Shingo Kono (Quantum Information Physics and Engineering) ]
image 2017/10/12
Link of Inside The proof of the contribution of mineralocorticoid receptor pathway in blood pressure maintenance during salt restriction
Project Researcher Daigoro Hirohama, Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)
image 2017/07/06
Link of Inside Resolving Quanta in Magnet
Quantitative characterization of a quantum behavior in a magnet using an elementary device for quantum computing
[Professor Yasunobu Nakamura, Research Associate Yutaka Tabuchi (Quantum Information Physics and Engineering)]
image 2017/06/01
Link of Inside The first proof-of-concept model of salt-sensitive hypertension due to “pure” renal dysfunction [Project researcher Kohei Ueda and Emeritus Professor Toshiro Fujita (Division of Clinical Epigenetics)]
image 2017/04/28
Link of Outside Protein acts as natural diode - Newly discovered pathways for transferring electrons involved in metal-oxide reduction
[Professor Hiroshi ISHIKITA, Research Associate Hiroshi WATANABE (Theoretical chemistry)]
image 2017/04/20
Link of Inside Robotic crowd biology accelerates life science researches - Associate Professor Nozomu Yachie
image 2016/12/16
Link of Outside Ultra-high-speed optical fiber sensor enables detection of structural damage in real time
[Dr. Neisei Hayashi, Information Devices]
image 2016/12/16
Link of Outside New way for measuring DNA modification that helps initialize cell functions - Tungsten enables one-step analysis of DNA sequences
[Professor Akimitsu Okamoto, Assistant Professor Gosuke Hayashi and graduate student Kenta Koyama (Bioorganic Chemistry)]
image 2016/06/09
Link of Inside Prof. Hisashi Nakamura (Climate Science Research)’s project supported under the Belmont Forum International Opportunities Fund
image 2016/01/14
Link of Inside The way you sound affects your mood - Covert digital manipulation of vocal emotion alter speakers' emotional states in a congruent direction
image 2015/11/11
Link of Inside A revised perspective of the Earth's energy budget during global warming hiatus
image 2015/10/19
Link of Outside Pathway for initial proton released from water-oxidizing enzyme
Revisiting previously hypothesized reaction mechanisms
Professor Hiroshi Ishikita, Lecturer Keisuke Saito (Theoretical chemistry)

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