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  3. Intelligent Cooperative Systems Hirose Laboratory

Intelligent Cooperative Systems Hirose Laboratory

Department of Mechano-Informatics,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Augment the human abilities with the Virtual Reality technologies that unites humans and computers

Our research laboratory focuses on developing a high level user interface that unites human and computer, called Cybernetic Interface.

Starting with virtual reality technology (VR), we seek to research and develop such interface in detail. Some of the research themes that our laboratory is working on are image-based rendering technology, augmented reality (AR) technology, multimodal and crossmodal interfaces, and technology concerning lifelog and Big data.

We are also interested in the contents that are made from such technology, and social implementation of those technologies. Some projects that we are working on are the Digital Museum project, the Digital Public Art project, and the Senior Cloud project.

Cross-modal Gustatory Display
Digital Museum: On-site VR Exhibition


  • Michitaka HIROSE
  • Specialized field:Virtual reality, Human interface
<As of May 2019>


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