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Information Devices Nakano Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems,
Graduate School of Engineering
Creating semiconductor optoelectronic devices for high-efficiency light emission, manipulation, and harvesting

Toward optical communication networks and optical information processing/storage of the next generation, we are investigating novel high-performance diode lasers/LEDs and light-controlling devices based on compound semiconductors (optical switches, wavelength converters, optical amplifiers, etc.) as well as highly functional semiconductor integrated devices and circuits fabricated by integrating these discrete devices. For solving energy-related problems, a new class of highly efficient solar cells based on compound semiconductors and their application to renewable energy systems are also studied. Crystal growth and processing technologies of quantum micro heterostructures by InGaAsP and InGaAlAs alloys on InP and GaAs substrates, and of III-nitrides such as GaN, AlN, and InN, for fabricating those devices are also investigated.


  • Yoshiaki NAKANO
  • Specialized field:Optoelectronics, Photonic integrated circuit, Photoenergy device

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