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Co-Creative Community Planning, Design, and Management Oguma Laboratory

Department of Urban Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering
Water Treatment and Supply Systems and Water Environment Conservation for Sustainable Water Use

We work on 'water treatment', 'water supply systems' and 'water environment conservation' for safe, stable and sustainable water use. For example, we focus UV treatment for water disinfection. UV disinfection is effective against diverse microorganisms with advantages of no formation of harmful by-products, no chemical addition and no changes in taste and odor. UV disinfection has been adopted in water treatment plants as well as in water-demanding industries including food, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical and aquaculture. We adopt both microbiological and engineering approach to understand UV inactivation and photoreactivation mechanisms as well as to propose UV reactor design and applications of various UV light sources including UV-LEDs.

Prototype of water treatment device with UV-LEDs


  • Kumiko OGUMA
  • Specialized field:Water systems, Water treatment, UV technologies, Disinfection, Water issues in developing countries
<As of May 2019>


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