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  • Project Associate Professor
  • Claudio FELICIANI
  • Mathematical Physics of Emergent Systems

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October 2007 BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
June 2010 Internship, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Advanced Technology R&D Center), Japan
October 2010 MSc in Nuclear Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
May 2011 Engineer, MAIN Switzerland, Switzerland
December 2011 Engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Advanced Technology R&D Center), Japan
September 2017 PhD, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
October 2017 Project Assistant Professor, RCAST, UTokyo
July 2020 Project Associate Professor, RCAST, UTokyo

Research Interests

In my research I try to explain the dynamics of complex systems by covering a wide range of fields and examining the problems under different perspectives. Although I started with fluid dynamics, my interest in societies, cultures and human nature drove my interest to pedestrian traffic and crowd dynamics; a crossing point between fluid motion and mass psychology. Most of my research so far focused on crowd management and traffic in general, also covering transportation by cars and bycicles. Recently, I am expanding my interests to include also urbanistic, cognitive science and psychology to find out how the environment influences human motion and population dynamics. In addition, I also started studying dynamics in animals, in particular those showing a collective behaviour such as crabs and bees. In my research I employ several methods, ranging from field observations, controlled experiments, numerical simulation, virtual reality and questionnaires to investigate each aspect relating to each problem under the right and most appropriate perspective. I am also active in collaborations with other universities and private partners, both in Japan and internationally and I am looking forward to expand and diversify my network of collaborators.


  • March 2018 Dean's prize of the engineering department of The University of Tokyo


Complex systems, Pedestrian, Traffic, Crowds, Numerical simulation

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