Researcher's Profile

  • Project Lecturer
  • Chikako GOTO
  • The Suburban Future Design Lab
  • Co-Creative Community Planning, Design, and Management


March 2007 Master of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
September 2011 Ph.D, UTokyo
October 2011 Director, Urban Deign Center Kashiwanoha
January 2014 Assistant professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
April 2019 Project Lecturer, RCAST, UTokyo

Research Interests

<Management system for suburban residential area>
There are various issues with the background of aging, declining birth rates and lifestyle changes in suburban residential areas. How do we manage the areas? We will study the management system collaborating with private companies and residents.

<Various community space>
I study the method of development and maintenance for community space.Eapecially I research the community space using vacant house and nursery facility as community space.


Communityspace, Facility and Environment for Child, Community Design for Living Environment, Suburban Area

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