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Researcher's Profile

Project Associate Professor

Systems Biology and Medicine


1985.03  Doctor course, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
1986.03  Research Fellow, Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Waseda University
1986.04  Researcher, Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.
2002.03  Bioinformatics Manager, Senior Research Scientist Life Science Division, Hitachi Ltd.
2002.04  Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo
2018.06  Moving Out

Research Interests

The ability to accurately predict and understand physiological changes in the biological network system in response to disease or drug therapeutics is of crucial importance in the life sciences. The biological significance of the extensive amount of geneexpression data generated from microarray, ChIP-chip, and ChIP-sequncing experiments is often difficult to interpret. An increasing knowledge of protein interactions stored in the PubMed database, as well as the advancement of natural language processing, however, makes it possible to construct protein interaction networks from the above information to aid understanding of the biological meaning.
Collaborating with experimentalists, our aim is to develop a systematic analysis method and information system for constructing protein interaction networks by combining natural language processing with graph theoretical analysis. In addition to this, we have performed dynamical analysis on cell movement and the simulation of transcription based on an ultra-discretization method. We recently developed a topological approach method to analyze protein structures. In addition to constructing algorithms and systems, we focus on mathematical modeling. We hope that our mathematical analysis will be useful for accelerating research and development in biology and medicine by predicting new phenomena and functions.

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