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Researcher's Profile

Project Associate Professor

Academic-Industrial Joint Laboratory for Renewable Energy


1999.03   BE, Department of Mechaical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka City University
2001.03   ME, Department of Materials and Life Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka
2001.04   Research Scientist, Production Technology Research & Development Section, SHARP Co. Ltd.
2005.05   Research Assistant, Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Pennsylvania State
2007.10   Visiting Researcher, Information & Quantum System Laboratory, Hewlett-Packard
2009.12   Ph.D, Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
2010.01   Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University
2010.02   Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and
               Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2014.08   Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and
               Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2016.02   Associate Professor, RCAST, the University of Tokyo
2019.04   Moving Out

Research Interests

Organic-inorganic hybrid materials have the large variety and flexibility based on the organic nature with utilizing the optoelectric properties with stability arisen from soundness of inorganic frameworks, and therefore attracting large attention for various applications. This interesting interdisciplinary research area, thus, has a large potential to create innovative materials with novel characteristics, functions, and structures, as we all living creatures have also evolved with utilizing the "organic-inorganic hybrid" systems.
The challenge of my research lies in the area of printable perovskite solar cells, which is one of the hottest topic in the research community of "organic-inorganic hybrid" materials. The perovskite solar cells consist of the organic-inorganic hybrid semiconductor providing excellent photoelectric properties, high energy conversion efficiency, and printable film construction even on flexible substrates. My research focuses especially on the interface problems of this printable solar cell system in order to achieve the ideal interfaces between layers by controlling the interface chemistry for approaching critical issues of perovskite solar cells, such as the conversion efficiency and long-term durability of cells. Consequently, my ultimate challenge commits to the advanced science and technology for the commercialization of the remarkably low-cost high-efficiency solar cells, which creates next future of sustainable society utilizing the renewable energy.

Construction and interfaces of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cell

Printable organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells


Surface&interface chemistry, oxide semiconductor, photoelectric conversion device, printable electronics, chemical process with electromagnetic wave

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