Researcher's Profile

  • Associate Professor
  • Sachiko MASUDA
  • Intellectual Property Law


March 1997 BS, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
April 1997 Toray Industries, Inc.
March 2006 PhD, Graduate School of Engineering, UTokyo
April 2006 Project Assistant Professor, RCAST, UTokyo
September 2006 Visiting Scientist, Harvard School of Public Health
April 2008 Project Lecturer, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UTokyo
July 2016 Associate Professor, RCAST, UTokyo

Research Interests

We consider the legal systems and regulations, infrastructure, and industrial structures necessary for a new technology to create a safer and more secure society, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, as well as the direct impact on the human body of food and agriculture (including both chemicals and materials), from the following points of view:
1) Intellectual property protection system for the given innovation
2) Regulation of the industrial development
3) Social impact of the industrial policy

For example, the pharmaceutical industry is required to generate and distribute innovative new drugs, while there are many legal systems and regulations in place to ensure the safety of the product and patient access. Aiming to make recommendations for a new, appropriate social system for industrial development, we conduct industrial policy research based on industrial property, looking for a balance between innovation and public health, and international competition and international cooperation.


Intellectual property law, Industry development, Pharmaceutical sector

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