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Researcher's Profile



1992.03   Ph.D, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
1992.04   Research Associate, School of Engineering, UTokyo
1993.04   Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
1997.04   Associate Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
1999.04   Associate Professor, School of Frontier Sciences, UTokyo
2006.11   Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
2007.04   Professor, RCAST, UTokyo
2017.03   Move to School of Engineering, UTokyo

Research Interests

We envision a future of networked society. Our purpose is to identify opportunities and challenges for data-driven Internet Economy posed by technical developments, and to address key technological questions for realizing "ICT as social infrastructure" and "ICT as experience". We conduct researches with emphasis both on designing network systems from application viewpoints and implementing "proof of concepts" prototypes. In particular, research groups of
- Big Data, M2M, Internet of Things
- Sensor Networks
- Mobile / Wireless Communications
are working to influence all levels of network design at a number of ubiquitous network testbeds.


Internet of Things, Big Data, M2M, Sensor Networks, Wireless Communications

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