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Researcher's Profile

Project Professor

Systems Biology and Medicine


1979.03   Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo(UTokyo)M.D. 
1981.06   Research Fellow and Physician, Third dept. of Internal Medicine, UTokyo 
1984.06   Research Fellow, City of Hope National Medical Center (USA) 
1990.06   Visiting Assistant Professor, Dpt. of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School(USA) 
2002.04   Project Professor, RCAST, UTokyo 
2006.08   Project Professor, Center for Structuring Life Sciences (CSLS), UTokyo 
2010.04   Project Professor, RCAST, UTokyo (~2018.03)

Research Interests

Living cells are compartmentalized into many intracellular organelles, and functional molecules (including proteinsand lipids) are transported between them by small vesicles. This fundamental logistic function is known as membrane traffic. The focus of our research is to understand molecular mechanisms of the membrane traffic. As it is essential to learn the localization and interactions of molecules in living cells, we use various imaging techniques including molecular and cell biological methods. Specifically, we are interested in the lipidprotein interactions on the membranes and their relationship to cytoskeletal systems. Our research is also important for the development of new treatment for human diseases as some of them have impaired membrane traffic.

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