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Researcher's Profile

Project Associate Professor

Climate Science Research


1993.03   M.S. Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University 
1993.04   Researcher, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. 
2000.08   Research Assistant, International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawai‘i 
2006.02   Ph.D Department of Meteorology, University of Hawai‘i 
2006.03   Researcher, Earth Simulator Center, JAMSTEC 
2014.04   Associated Researcher, Aplication Lab, JAMSTEC 
2016.07   Project Associate Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo
2019.03   Move Out

Research Interests

Air-sea interaction, particularly slow oceanic adjustment and its influence on the atmosphere, is crucial for climate prediction on the time-scale of seasonal and longer. Performing coupled ocean-atmosphere circulation experiments on Earth Simulator, I have been working on extra-tropical air-sea interaction and demonstrated that extra-tropical ocean has a significant impact on climate as much as well-established tropical influence. I hope to further investigate inter-regional climate linkage among tropics, mid-to-high latitudes and Arctic region, deepen our understanding on the seasonal to decadal-scale climate variability, and thereby contribute to improve its prediction.


Seasonal to decadal climate predictability, Atmosphere-ocean-sea ice interaction

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