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Researcher's Profile

Associate Professor

Information Devices


2006.03   Doctor Course, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo(UTokyo) 
2006.04   Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering, UTokyo 
2007.04   Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, UTokyo 
2007.06   Lecturer, RCAST, UTokyo 
2010.02   Visiting Scholar, Stanford University(~2012.02) 
2012.04   Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, UTokyo

Research Interests

As the data traffic in the optical communication system continues to grow constantly, there is a strong demand to realize the so-called photonic network, where the routing and switching of transmitted signals are performed in the optical domain to reduce the cost, space, and power consumption required for the optical-electrical-optical(OEO) conversions.
Our laboratory focuses on developing optical routers and switches required in the future photonic network. Using the highly equipped semiconductor clean room and measurement setup, the research involves (1) proposal and design of new device, (2) device fabrication, and (3) evaluation of the fabricated device at the subsystem level.

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