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Researcher's Profile


Micro Device Engineering


Tel: 03-5452-6276

FAX: 03-5452-6648

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2018 Research book (PDF: 629KB)


1996.03   PhD, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) 
1996.04   Lecturer, Institute of Industrial Science(IIS), UTokyo 
2002.04   Associate Professor, IIS, UTokyo 
2002.05   Associate Professor, VLSI Design & Education Center, UTokyo 
2005.04   Associate Professor, Center for International Research on Micro Mechatronics, IIS, UTokyo 
2009.07   Professor, RCAST, UTokyo

Research Interests

Research interests include the design and fabrication of MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology
based upon the semiconductor microfabrication processes to develop micronscale mechanical structures on
silicon substrates for micro-optical applications, such as fiber-optic telecommunication(optical switchs, filters,
attenuators) and laser projection-type image displays. As a microwave application, we also cover 10GHz
range RF-MEMS switches and reconfigurable MEMS meta-material filters. To realize intelligent MEMS systems,
we also develop integrated CMOS(Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) - MEMS technology, including
the mixed-signal simulation and MEMS post-processing techniques. Besides the semiconductor-based MEMS,
we recently developed a roll-toroll printing technology for large-area MEMS with potential applications such as
flexible over-sized image displays.

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