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Researcher's Profile

Associate Professor

Quantum Information Physics and Engineering


2004.03   PhD, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering , Tokyo Institute of
2004.04   Researcher, Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology 
2008.06   Researcher, Niels Bohr Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark) 
2011.04   Research Associate Professor, Niels Bohr Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark) 
2013.04   Associate Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo

Research Interests

We are aiming at freeing the current cyberspace from thermal noise and transforming it into a quantum cyberspace where it remains only quantum noise that cannot be removed due to the inescapable Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. In the quantum cyberspace a single quantum (single photon, single microwave photon, single phonon, single magnon, etc.) acts as an information carrier and it travels back and forth between various quantum systems. The keys to building such a quantum cyberspace are 1) uniting laser and low-temperature/superconducting technologies and establishing comprehensive control of electromagnetic fields from visible/infrared to microwave regions, 2) creating novel ways in which collective modes in solid-state systems (like phonons and magnons) are cooled and coherently controlled as the nodes that convert a quantum from one form to the other possibly with vastly different energy. We are also aiming to find interesting and fascinating physics that lurk at the boundaries of different disciplines in physics.


Opto-mechanics, Laser cooling of solid, Hybrid quantum system

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