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Researcher's Profile

Project Professor

Intellectual Property Law


1977.03   Graduated from Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) 
1976.10   Bar exam passed 
1977.04   Judicial Student (Supreme Court Judicial Research Institute) 
1979.04   Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association joined (Lawyer Registration) 
1999.04   Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University (Commercial law, Corporate legal 
2003.04   Visiting Professor, Seikei University, Faculty of Law (Family law, Bankruptcy law) 
2004.04   Professor, Gakushuin University Law School (Commercial law, Corporate legal affairs) 
2013.10   Project Professor, RCAST, UTokyo (Commercial law, Corporate legal affairs, Bankruptcy law,
               ADR law)

Research Interests

The main research areas are (1) Commercial Law, Corporate Law (2) Bankruptcy Law (3) ADR Law.


Commercial law, Corporate legal affairs, Bankruptcy law, ADR law

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