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Researcher's Profile

Project Lecturer

Quantum Information Physics and Engineering


Office: Building 3, 209

Tel: 03-5452-5076

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2018 Research book (PDF: 682KB)


2006.05   Ph.D in Science, Purdue University 
2006.07   Postdoctoral Researcher, Osaka University 
2009.04   Postdoctoral Researcher, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University 
2012.04   Research Associate, RCAST, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) 
2017.04   PRESTO Researcher, JST 
2018.04   Project Lecturer, RCAST, UTokyo

Research Interests

Since the late nineteenth century peole began to notice the mysterious physical law that governs the world of tiny objects. Counter intuitive phenomena such as tunneling, super-position, and entangles state are found to be “normal” under this physical law. This law is Quantum mechanics. The history of quantum mechanics in the past 100 years was also the history of our challenge to common sense. The wonders contained in the quantum are far from our intuition, and their understanding has always been deepened from doubting our common sense. The wonders governing this tiny world are about to change our lives today. Devices with unprecedented performance are being developed in the field such as quantum sensor, quantum communication, and quantum computation. Through research on these quantum technologies, we are developing devices that surpass existing information processing and measurement accuracy. At the same time, it is of our interest to unravel further quantum wonders through the development of these devices.


Optomechanics, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), Hybrid Quantum Systems

Edudational Systems

  • Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School of Engineering

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