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Photon based Advanced Manufacturing Science
Takahashi Laboratory

Ultimate optical approach for nano manufacturing world

We conduct research on advanced micro/nano production technology, which can be applied to the next-generation ultraprecision manufacturing by focusing on photon energy, which is the ultimate energy believed to be the root of our life. Especially we are developing photon based cutting-edge techniques for micro/ nano manufacturing science, such as laser-assisted nano-in-process measurement, laser-assisted nano-processing and structuring, and a novel concept about a future micro production system, cell-in-microfactory, with which we can product innovative micro/nano functional devices supporting our future life. In order to realize our target, not only conventional light energy propagating in free-space but also localized light energy emerging at near-field region of bulk material is applied to our research from both a practical viewpoint as manufacturing techniques and a scientific viewpoint based on basic physics. Our research involves (a) proposal of new concept not only about elemental technology but also about a whole production system, (b) theoretical and experimental analyses unraveling its characteristics, and (c) experimental verification for practical realization.
Some of our ongoing projects are as follows:

(1) Nano-stereolithography using evanescent light energy.
(2) In-process super-resolution high-sensitive optical measurement for nano-defects in semiconductor industry.
(3) Laser direct fabrication of three-dimensional microstructures using photocatalyst nanoparticles.
(4) Study on cell-in-micro-factory based on active control of localized photon energy as a future micro production system.

Targrt sample, Conventional optical microscopic image, Proposed Super-resolution image
Super-resolution inspection of semiconductor patterns
Simultaneous inspection of nano defects by autonomous defects detection probe
A gingko tree leaf, the University of Tokyo's symbol, created using evanescent light


  • Satoru TAKAHASHI
  • Specialized field:Laser-assisted nano-measurement, Laser-assisted nano-processing and structuring, Cell-in-micro-factory
Project Research Associate Shotaro KADOYA
<As of May 2020>


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