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SUGA, Hiroaki
Chemical Biotechnology
Building 4, 4F

1997. 09
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Assistant Professor

2001. 08
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Associate Professor

2003. 04
RCAST, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo), Associate Professor

2005. 01
RCAST, UTokyo, Professor

2010. 04
Graduate School of Science, UTokyo, Professor

Research Interests:
Our laboratory pursues research programs bridging between chemistry and biology. To conduct a good balance of science and technology will build new technologies that contribute to the chemical biology field, covering from basic research to applied research. We also create environment to educate students and researchers with capability of global performance. The following programs are currently active in our laboratory:
(1) Non-traditional peptide therapeutics, (2) Engineering the translation system, and (3) Ribosomal synthesis of natural product-like molecules by the combination of the genetic code reprogramming and post-translational modifying enzymes.

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