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Site Policy

On this page, we offer an explanation of the operating policies for the website [hereafter, "this website"] of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo [hereafter, "RCAST"] displayed at the URL

This explanation does not, however, pertain to any website operated by RCAST's affiliated organizations other than the aforementioned URL. Regarding the usage conditions for any of those websites, please direct your inquiries to each site's administrative section.

The contents of this site policy are subject to change without notice. By using the site after we make such changes, you consent to the latest revised policy.

Administration and Operation of This Website

This website is administered and operated by RCAST's publicity committee.


Unless otherwise noted, all information presented on this website and every individual composition, design, image, logo, etc, all copyrightable material belongs to RCAST. Without advance written consent, any use other than viewing or printing for personal, not-for-profit objectives is forbidden. This includes such uses as: reproduction, modification, analysis, public transmission, transfer, lending, licensing, or use for the sake of commercial gain.

Information Published on This Website

We pay close attention to the accuracy, currency, and usability of the information on this website, but we can not provide a guarantee for each piece of information. In the unlikely event that the user should suffer damages by using this website, RCAST bears no responsibility whatsoever. Furthermore, information on this website is subject to addition, alteration, correction, or deletion without notice. RCAST bears no responsibility for any loss whatsoever that the user may experience due to addition to, alteration or deletion of, or interruption or cancellation of the exhibition of information on this website.

Linking to This Website

As a general principle, you are free to create links to this website. Please be forewarned that, following changes to the site's structure or organization of servers, individual pages to which links have been established may be moved or deleted without warning.

However, we firmly refuse to allow links from the following types of websites:

Hyphen sites that go against standards of decency

Hyphen sites that slander, libel, or defame the character of specific individuals or groups, or that have the potential to do so

Hyphen sites that charge users a fee when they click on a link to access this website

Hyphen sites that have the potential to damage trust in RCAST

Hyphen any other site that is determined to be inappropriate

Links From This Website

Websites outside of RCAST to which this website links are the responsibility of the organizations that maintain and operate them, and RCAST bears no responsibility for any damage that the user may incur after using these websites. It is the user's responsibility to follow the use conditions established by the sites to which this website links.

Providing of Personal Information/Use of Personal Information

"Personal information" refers to information that makes it possible to identify specific users, such as names, affiliations, and email addresses.

As a general rule, when using this website you can access almost every page without providing your personal information, but we ask you to provide such information for the types of pages described below.

On inquiry pages, you must provide your contact information in order for us to respond.

On our mail magazine's register/unregister page, we request email addresses in order for us to begin providing, or cancel, distribution service for the magazine.

On registration for symposium, seminar or workshop pages, we request name, email address, address and other information in order for us to send registraton pass.

We do not use personal information that we receive for any other purpose.

Management of Personal Information

We manage the personal information that we gather appropriately and prudently. We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the risk of unlawful access to or the loss, destruction, alteration, or disclosure of personal information.

Limits on Release of Information to Third Parties

Except for in the following cases, we do not release information provided by users of this website to third parties.

hyphen when we have the user's consent
hyphen when we release necessary information to subcontractors with whom we have signed an advance confidentiality agreement in order to achieve usage goals that we have expressed to our users
hyphen when the information is used as statistical data after being processed so that individual users can not be identified
hyphen when we are required to release the information by law, decree, etc.
hyphen when there is an urgent need to release the information in order to protect a person's life, physical well-being, or important personal interests such as property

Access Log

We keep an access log to record the access conditions (time of access, IP address, host name, browser, etc.) of those who use this website, but this is not information that can be used to identify specific users. We analyze the access log in order to improve the site's contents—we do not use it for any other purposes.

Comments and Questions Regarding This Page

If you have comments or questions concerning the contents of this page, please direct them to the site administrator.
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