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The 30th Anniversary

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In 2017, RCAST celeblates its 30th anniversary.
Even if it may be said to have become ordinary compared to the past, we have inherited the DNA of RCAST in that we “do not look back at the past, but keep our sights firmly on the present and the future” and continue the challenge of advancement that comes from a shift in our own values, rather than the traditional concept of advancement.

On October 11, 2017, an event was held in ANA InterContinental Tokyo to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST). It was a grand affair, attended by over 300 people, including guests and university officials.

The ceremony itself was divided into two parts. The first part consisted of ceremonial and congratulatory addresses, followed by keynote speeches on the topic of “Expectations of RCAST” by RCAST alumnus and author Taiichi Sakaiya, and the 5th Director General of RCAST and Science and Technology Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, University of Tokyo Emeritus Professor Teruo Kishi. The second part consisted of special lectures given by six RCAST faculty members, titled “RCAST, present and future”.

In the first part, in his ceremonial address, Director Ryohei Kanzaki spoke of his hopes for the future, saying, “Since its founding, RCAST has always been a challenger. Focusing on the present and the future, without looking back to the past, is part of the DNA of RCAST. Inheriting this DNA, we want to continue to face the challenge for people and for society, for a future that we create by ourselves.” The University of Tokyo President Makoto Gonokami explained “RCAST is a kind of a ‘special zone’ within the University of Tokyo. This fact of being different from other departments is part of what makes RCAST so significant. Currently, the University of Tokyo is shifting toward working with a strong relationship of trust with society. In a sense, you could say the entire university is transforming into RCAST. I hope that these 30 years of RCAST tradition are not taken as something to be looked back on with pride, but rather as providing the pride and self-confidence to go on to face new challenges.”

  • Kanzaki

    Director Ryohei Kanzaki

  • Gonokami

    The University of Tokyo President Makoto Gonokami

  • Sakaiya

    Keynote Speaker Taichi Sakaiya

  • Kishi

    Emeritus Professor Teruo Kishi

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