2. Education


The sole UTokyo affiliated institution offering graduate-level education to outside professionals

RCAST values graduate education for researchers engaged in professional careers outside of academics. This enables them to deepen their insights into their own fields and to gain comprehensive understanding of science and technology and to broaden insights into society. Aiming to produce leading researchers, we believe offering graduate education at the Ph.D. level to such outside professionals through the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) can contribute to solving some of the complex social issues we face.

The interdisciplinary approach is utilized in the development of professionals

The Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) provides education and research training concerning budding and pioneering basic and applied researches in the fields of advanced science and technology. It also gives guidance in what is called "research on research" in those fields.
In addition to a traditional graduate school education, the AIS provides people in mid-career with the opportunity to resume their studies in an academic environment.

The AIS aims to nurture not only ingenious, creative researchers in the fields of advanced science and technology but also progressive international research experts and corporate managers having a broader perspective, as well as forward-thinking and interdisciplinary policymakers.
In fiscal year 2010, AIS has started two new programs to train personnel actively working in the fields of barrier-free and environment and energy.

Unique Education and Research Systems

  • AIS practices education and research that optimally combine specialized studies and cross-disciplinary basic knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge that can be obtained at AIS embraces broad academic areas irrespective of discipline, including engineering, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, mathematics, medical science, economics, social and political sciences, law and history.
  • The AIS has introduced a curriculum for enhancing students? Capabilities to make effective presentations and discuss themes outside their fields of expertise or in social activities. It also aims to nurture persons who can exercise leadership (PPP educational system).
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