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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

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Cooperation with local governments

We are collaborating closely and flexibly with local governments and communities in diverse fields from regional industrial vitalization projects utilizing research seeds, disaster recovery efforts, community rebuilding, and research exchange and personnel development activities that leverage knowledge, experience, and abilities to verification testing of new work styles.



Local governments Collaborations

Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, partnership agreement

Iwaki City
Date of execution:2018/ 3/20
Academic and industrial development


Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture and Shinshu University Research Center for Social Systems, partnership agreement

Karuizawa Town
Date of execution:2017/ 6/26
Build active and highly individual communities by improving the regional brands of areas with exceptional features through the use of each other's intellectual, human, and physical resources and leveraging the strengths each in research exchange, industry-academia-government collaboration, and human development


Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto University, partnership agreement

Kumamoto Prefecture
Date of execution:2017/ 4/10
Recovery from the earthquake.


Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture, partnership agreement in 2016 for cultural and industrial development.

Obuse Town
Date of execution:2016/ 7/20
Co-creation living lab / Community rebuilding


Ishikawa Prefecture and Ishikawa Sunrise Industries Creation Organization (ISICO), partnership agreement

Ishikawa Prefecture
Date of execution:2012/ 3/29
Academic and industrial development


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