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Visiting RCAST

For middle and high school students

RCAST holds "RCAST Research Tours" on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month (except holidays) to encourage interest in science and research among middle and high school students and to help foster future scientists. The RCAST Research Tour offers visits to the laboratories or lectures by professors.

"FairWind", a student organization at the University of Tokyo, which helps regional high school students advance to the next level of education, facilitates an exchange program which provides these students with a chance to "hang out" with undergraduate students.

RCAST Research Tours (in Japanese)

For experts and the public

Together with the Institute of Industrial Science, RCAST holds the KOMABA Research Campus Open House once a year. RCAST opens its research institute, which is usually closed to the public, to share our research activities with experts and the general public. Most of our laboratory is open to visitors during the event.

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