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Tackling new challenges - RCAST historical facts

RCAST, the newest institute attached to the University of Tokyo, was established as a base for promoting a framework of research and education different from the existing university framework. We aim to set a new precedent as a pioneer. We have been targeting new challenges with our established deliberation and executive ability.


1877.04 The University established as Tokyo Daigaku
1921.07 Aeronautical Research Institute established
1930.09 Aeronautical Research Institute moved to Komaba
1946.03 Institute of Science and Technology established
1958.04 Aeronautical Research Institute was established
1964.04 Institute of Space and Aeronautical Scienc was established
1987.05 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) inaugurated with 7 Regular Chairs and 13 Faculty Members (May 21)
1987.10 An Endowed Chair was opened as the first one in Japanese National Universities
1992.04 Inauguration of the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Division of Engineering, Graduate School, the University of Tokyo
1996.05 Authorized as Center of Excellence (COE). Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) was established
1997.04 Department of Intellectual Property was established
1998.04 Komaba Open Laboratory (KOL) established
1998.08 Center for Advanced Science and Technology Incubation (CASTI) was established (present TODAI TLO)
1999.04 Research Center for Advanced Economic Engineering (AEE) established (merged into RCAST in March 2004)
2001.04 Advanced Science and Technology Enterprise Corporation (ASTEC) was established
2001.08 Special Coordination Fund for Science and Technology, Strategic Research Center"Open Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Human and Society" Plan started
2001.11 Advanced Technology Business Center (AcTeB) was established
2002.04 Open Laboratory Project with Specially Appointed Faculty and Researcher started (continued until March 2006)
2004.04 National University Corporation, the University of Tokyo, was established
  RCAST formally acknowledged as 11th Research Institute of the University of Tokyo
  Both the Management Strategy Committee and the RCAST Board was established
2004.05 A New Endowed Chair was established and an Endowment Professor was recruited
2006.04 Strategic Planning Office was established (to merge the function of AcTeB)
2008.04 CCR was abolished and RCAST incorporated a part of its function
2008.09 SOLAR QUEST, an International Research Center for Global Energy and Environmental Technologies was initiated
2009.02 New establishment of ENEOS LABO
2009.04 Advanced Science and Technology Innovator Development Course for matured students was started
2010.04 Academic-Industrial Joint Laboratory for Renewable Energy was established
2011.04 Bildg.3-s (Environment and Energy Research Bldg.) completed
2013.04 Introduced a post of Special Professorial Chair at the University of Tokyo

Directors of the Institute

1987.05.21~1989.03.31 OHKOSHI, Takanori (Optical Devices)
1989.04.01~1991.03.31 Hiroaki YANAGIDA (Intelligent Material)
1991.04.01~1993.03.31 Setsuo OHSUGA (Artificial Intelligence)
1993.04.01~1995.03.31 Yoichiro MURAKAMI (Science Technology and Social Value)
1995.04.01~1997.03.31 Teruo KISHI (Advanced Highly Reliable Materials)
1997.04.01~1999.03.31 Etsuo NIKI (Functional Materials for Molecular Information)
1999.04.01~2001.03.31 Yoichi OKABE (Information Devices)
2001.04.01~2004.03.31 Takashi NANYA (Dependable and High-performance Computing)
2004.04.01~2007.03.31 Kazuhito HASHIMOTO (Intelligent Materials Science)
2007.04.01~2010.03.31 Kenjiro MIYANO (Photonics Materials)
2010.04.01~2013.03.31 Yoshiaki NAKANO (Information Devices)
2013.04.01~2016.03.31 Yukio NISHIMURA (Urban Conservation Systems)
2016.04.01~ Ryohei KANZAKI (Intelligent Cooperative Systems)

General Managers of the Institute

1987.05.21~1990.03.31 Yoshikazu WATANABE
1990.04.01~1992.03.31 Takashi TSUCHIDA
1992.04.01~1994.03.31 Hitonori NISHIGUCHI
1994.04.01~1996.03.31 Masami IDENOUE
1996.04.01~1998.03.31 Chiaki IZUMIDA
1998.04.01~2000.03.31 TANAKA, Yoshikuni
2000.04.01~2002.03.31 Takashi MAEDA
2002.04.01~2005.03.31 Tsutomu SASAKI
2005.04.01~2007.03.31 Kotaro INOUE
2007.04.01~2010.03.31 Hideo SUZUKI
2010.04.01~2013.03.31 Toru NASHIMOTO
2013.04.01~2016.03.31 Kazuaki ITOI
2016.04.01~ Tetsuya KUMAZAWA

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