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Organization and Management

The researchers can devote themselves to research activities
The division of roles between operations and research

Since its inception RCAST has maintained a unique system of operations so that the researchers can devote themselves to their research activities. To reduce the researcher’s clerical work, we clarify the division of roles between operations and research. The system enables “fast decision making” and helps “ensure research activities”.


Division of Roles

RCAST has clarified the division of roles between operations and research so that the researchers can devote themselves to research activities. In order to accomplish that goal, RCAST has established the Strategic Management Office headed by the Director, which refers matters related to management and execution (reforming and/or eliminating internal organizations, personnel proposals, allocation of funds/budgeting, allocation of space, and other matters). Important issues will be reported at the General Faculty Meeting, and those issues relating to personnel are to be discussed at Faculty Meetings.


Director bears ultimate responsibility for operation

The Director has the final say on matters referred to the Strategic Management Office and bears ultimate responsibility for the operation of RCAST. The Director's term of office is three years and re-appointment may be approved once. To elect the Director, multiple candidates will be selected by faculty members, and the RCAST Board, a third party, will elect one of the top two candidates. That candidate will be announced to the faculty members, and after the recommendation to the President of the University of Tokyo, the new Director will be formally appointed.


The Strategic Planning Office and the Administration Office
support prompt decision-making

The Strategic Management Office, working directly for Director, deals with matters related to organization and management. The Strategic Planning Office and the Administration Office work together closely to support the quick and flexible operation of RCAST.


External Evaluation Committee“RCAST Board"

The RCAST Board supervises the management policies and operations with a viewpoint independent of internal interests. The Board constantly monitors the state of operations, and gives relevant advice to RCAST. Furthermore, the Board is responsiblefor selecting candidates for the next Director.


Chieko ASAKAWA IBM Fellow
Chief Executive Director, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology
Ikuo KABASHIMA Former Governor, Kumamoto Prefecture
Hideaki KOIZUMI Emeritus Fellow, Hitachi, Ltd.
Kazuki SAWA Adviser, Tokyo University of the Arts
Sachiko NAKAJIMA CEO, steAm, Inc.
Musician (Jazz Pianist)
Michiharu NAKAMURA President Emeritus, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Mariko FUJII Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
Yoichiro MATSUMOTO The Science and Technology Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs
Hiroya MASUDA Director and Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO, Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.
Toshiro MUTOH Honorary Chairman, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.

as of April 2022 : Japanese syllabary order

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