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RCAST NAVI 2014/04




  10 April, 2014
  Associated Professor Yuji Noguchi (Chemical Recognition Materials):
  Yuji Noguchi received the 2013 APEX/JJAP Editorial Contribution Award by
  the Japan Society of Applied physics.


## Newspapers ##

  7 April, 2014
  Professor Kazuhito Hashimoto (Intelligent Materials Science):
  Professor Kazuhito Hashimoto  contributed a comment to Kagaku Kogyo
  Nippo about the next-generation energy technology.

  15 April, 2014
  Professor Hiroshi Segawa (Energy and Environment):
  Professor Segawa was featured on Nihon Keizai Shimbun about Solar Energy.

## Magazine ##

  Professor Yasunobu Nakamura (Quantum Information Physics and Engineering):
  Professor Yasunobu Nakamura appeared in a feature story about the
  quantum computer on Nikkei Computer April 17 edition.

## TV ##

  Project Associate Professor Tomotaka Takahashi(Assistive Technology):
  Project Associate Professor Tomotaka Takahashi was featured on an
  interview program 'SWITCH INTERVIEW' (NHK) on 12 April, 2014.

## Others ##

  8 April, 2014
  Professor Izuru Makihara (Political administrative system):
  Professor Izuru Makihara observed on the bill for partial amendments to
  Partial Amendments to National Public Service Act as experts at the
  committee on Cabinet in the 186th session of the Diet.


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