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RCAST NAVI 2014/06


  2014 June


  2 June, 2014
  Professor Hiroyuki Morikawa (Networks and Mobile Systems) received the
  64th Radio Day Ministerial Commendations award at the Central Memorial
  Ceremony of FY2014 Radio Day and Info-Communications Promotion Month. He
  has contributed to the development of information and communications,
  and those who are expected to have a bright future in creative
  activities in the field of digital contents.

  30 May, 2014
  Naoya Shimada (D3), Koji Asano (Graduated student), Masashi Ikeuchi
  (Assistant professor) and Professor Koji Ikuta received the 2014
  Certificate of Merit for ROBOMEC Outstanding Research Activity from JSME
  Robotics and Mechatronics Division for "Real-time 3D Measuring System
  using Optically Driven Micro-Robot".


## TV ##

  2 June, 2014
  Professor Hisashi Nakamura (Climate Science Research) contributed a
  comment to TV Asahi "Hodo Station" about recent abnormal weather from
  the perspective of meander of westerlies and global warming.

## Newspaper ##

  13 June, 2014
  Project professor Hideaki Fujitani (System Biology and Medicine)
  featured on Yakuji Nippou.

  11 June, 2014
  Professor Satoshi Fukushima (Barrier Free) contributed an article "SF no
  Chikara" Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

  5 June, 2014
  Project Researcher Satsuki Ayaya (Barrier Free) was featured on
  "Kurashi-AI" Tokyo Shimbun.

  2 June, 2014
  Project Researcher Naoki Ohnuma (Barrier Free) contributed a comment on
  "Kurashi-Navi" Mainichi Shimbun.

  13 May, 2014
  Professor Kenryu Nakamura (Assistive Technology) contributed a comment about
  smartphone application on Yomiuri-Shimbun.

## Other##

  Professor Izuru Makihara (Political Administrative System) contributed
  an article on monthly magazine "Journalism June". (in Japanese)

  RCAST magazine vol.87 is published on 16 May, 2014.
  (in Japanese)


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