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RCAST NAVI 2015/07


  2015 July

[Press Release]
  July 10, 2015
  Professor Ysunobu Nakamura(Quantum Information Physics and Engineering),
  Yutaka Tabuchi and their research team have demonstrated that the
  coherent coupling of fluctuations in magnets - magnons - with a
  superconducting qubit, unveiling the quantumness in a millimeter-sized
  magnet and showing the possibility to control the quantum degree of
  freedom in magnets using a superconducting qubit.

  Coherent coupling between a ferromagnetic magnon and a superconducting

  July 3, 2015
  The research group analyzed 60 rhabdomyosarcoma cases using next-
  generation sequencer and array techniques, revealing genetic
  abnormalities and structural changes in the genome, as well as
  epigenomics abnormalities.  This led to identifying four clusters based
  on DNA methylation patterns, each of which has distinct tendencies in
  genetic abnormalities, pathological findings, and clinical
  characteristics.  This achievement is expected to help improve
  prognostic prediction of rhabdomyosarcoma, develop highly precise
  molecular diagnosis, and optimize therapeutic treatments.

  Integrated genetic and epigenetic analysis defines novel molecular
  subgroups in rhabdomyosarcoma

  May 28, 2015
  A research group at the University of Tokyo Hospital, Professor Takao
  Hamakubo (Quantitative Biology and Medicine) and Professor Tatsuhiko
  Kodama (System Biology and Medicine) has developed a radiolabeled "tumor
  specific monoclonal antibody".  When administered in Small cell lung
  cancer xenograft mice, the antibody exhibited an antitumor effect,
  killing tumor cells and markedly reducing tumor sizes.

  90Y-Labeled Anti-ROBO1 Monoclonal Antibody Exhibits Antitumor Activity
  against Small Cell Lung Cancer Xenografts

* RCAST held responsible research practices training for the faculty and
  research staff on June 10.

  RCAST held Responsible Research Practices Training

* Discussion Session in "Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Project"
  On June 27, the Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Project held a
  discussion session at the RCAST Cafe in the 14th building. Under the
  shared goal of recording, archiving and utilizing various types of
  information related to the Great East Japan Earthquake (including pre-
  earthquake information), this project focuses particularly on holding
  free, open discussions among researchers from a variety of fields.

  RCAST Interdisciplinary Project

* Politics and power in 20th-century Japan :
   the reminiscences of Miyazawa Kiichi (Bloomsbury)
          Mikuriya Takashi and Nakamura Takafusa ;
          translation edited by Timothy S. George


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