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RCAST NAVI 2015/11


  2015 November

[Press Release]
  2015 Nov 20
  Identification of novel chromatin domains regulating fat cells
  - Epigenome represses genes involved in fat storage -

  A research team of Professor Juro Sakai and Research Associate Yoshihiro
  Matsumura (Metabolic Medicine) has revealed that novel chromatin domains
  repress the action of genes involved in fat storage by analyzing the
  epigenome, the information contained in chemical changes to the genome,
  in a type of immature cell (preadipocytes) that will later differentiate
  into mature fat cells (adipocytes). This research may lead to preventive
  methods and novel treatments for lifestyle diseases.

  UTokyo Research

  2015 Oct 7
  Pathway for initial proton released from water-oxidizing enzyme
  - Revisiting previously hypothesized reaction mechanisms ?

  Professor Hiroshi Ishikita, Lecturer Keisuke Saito (Theoretical chemistry)
  and their team carried out computational analysis of the reaction
  mechanism of photosystem II, a water-oxidizing enzyme found in higher
  plants and algae and which emits protons at multiple reaction stages.
  They demonstrated that the initial proton released by the enzyme
  originates from an oxygen atom in the protein's manganese calcium
  cluster. This is a different part of the protein to that suggested in
  prior research.

  UTokyo Research

* [Latest research] A revised perspective of the Earth's energy budget
  during global warming hiatus

  Climate scientists find that energy budget of the Earth's climate system
  is tied to global-mean temperature differently between natural climate
  variability and human-caused climate change, and that this revised energy
  perspective addresses an apparent inconsistency in satellite-based
  observations during the recent hiatus of surface global warming since
  around the beginning of this century. The research is done by an
  international team consists of Professor Shang-Ping Xie (University of
  California-San Diego), Associate Professor Yu Kosaka (Climate Science
  Research, RCAST) and Research Associate Yuko Okumura (University of
  Texas at Austin).

  Press Release (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of
  California-San Diego)

* [Award] Takuya Ikeda and Naoki Sakashita (Ishikita Lab.) win a CSJ
  Poster Presentation Award 2015 for Excellent Research.

  *[Award] "Insect Olfactory system simulation" has been selected as the
  excellent achievement research project of the HPCI System for FY2014.

  *[Award]Project Research Associate Atsushi Noguchi and Resaerch Fellow
  Yutaka Tabuchi win the Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of

  *[Award] Takuma Iwamatsu, Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary
  Studies, wins the Best Student Oral Presentation Award at the 8th
  Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologist Conference .

[RCAST Lab tours]
  A factory at your fingertips - The light revolution

  Takahashi Laboratory (Photon based Advanced Manufacturing Science)

  RCAST Lab tours home page

  2016 Jan 12 - 14
  CEMS International Symposium on Dynamics in Artificial Quantum Systems


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