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RCAST NAVI 2016/03


  2016 MARCH

[Press Release]
  Parallel Worlds Could Exist in Ocean Circulations
  - Ensemble experiments analyze interannual variability of the Kuroshio
  Extension -

  A research team led by Dr. Masami Nonaka at Application Laboratory, the
  Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and Dr.
  Hisashi Nakamura, Professor at RCAST, evaluated ocean interannual
  variability with ensemble experiments using the JAMSTEC's supercomputer,
  the Earth Simulator.  The results showed existence of unpredictable
  intrinsic variability and potentially predictable wind-driven variability,
  both of which are contributing to the interannual variability in the
  mid-latitude ocean currents, including the Kuroshio and its eastward
  extension, Kuroshio Extension (KE) jet speed.

  The results of this research were published on Scientific Reports.

  Press Release(JAMSTEC)

[Research Report]
*Researcher talks : Promoting New Drug Design with Computer Simulation
  The Strategic Programs for Innovative Research Field 1 Theme 2 'Simulation
  applicable to drug design' is led by Project Professor Hideaki Fujitani
  (System Biology and Medicine). Project Associate Professor Takefumi
  Yamashita and Project Research Associate Keiko Shinoda are involved with
  the studies on new chemical compounds which suppress functions of target
  proteins of diseases and design of antibody drugs on the project. They
  talk about the studies on the inteview.

  RCAST News

*"Hot Spots" in the climate system : new developments in the extratropical
   Ocean-atmosphere interaction research: a short review and an introduction
   Hisashi Nakamura (Climate Science Research) et al.

   Special Section: Editorial "Hot Spots" in the Climate System: New
   Developments in the Extratropical Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Research
   (Journal of Oceanography)
*The Rt Hon. The Lord Lansley has visited RCAST

  Lord Lansley of Orwell, member of the British House of Lords in the UK
  Parliament, has visited RCAST on February 18th to explore the
  possibilities of cooperative research between universities in the UK and
  the University of Tokyo.

  RCAST News

*Visit of AICT, Seoul National University & RCAST-AICT Joint Workshop

  RCAST-AICT Joint Workshop "Research Activities Today - Thinking of
  Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration and Social Contributions - "
  took place in RCAST on 5 January 2016.

  RCAST News

*IUVA Symposium in Tokyo
  UV Innovations: Toward Sustainable Water Use
  April 22, 2016 (one day)
  University of Tokyo, Hongo campus

  Topics will include:
   * An overview of UV applications in North America and Asia
   * UV treatment at drinking water treatment plants sourcing surface water
   * Diffi culties at small water supply systems, and UV tech-nologies as
     a potential solution
   * Emerging UV technologies for water treatment

   For more information:

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