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RCAST NAVI 2016/05


  2016 MAY

[Press Release]
* 2016/4/25
  New high-throughput technology to map protein interactions
  -Synthetic yeast cells enabled to visualize molecular networks of the cell-

  Associate Professor Nozomu Yachie (Synthetic Biology) at RCAST, the
  University of Tokyo and researchers at University of Toronto have
  co-developed a high-throughput protein interaction technology BFG-Y2H.
  This new technology utilizing synthetic yeast cells as massive
  "bio-vials" achieved a higher throughput than ever before to identify
  protein interactions of the cell. Using BFG-Y2H, the researchers
  demonstrated that human protein interactions amongst ~2.5 million protein
  pairs can be screened by a single researcher in a few weeks. The new
  technology increases the efficiency of protein matrix screening, with
  quality that is on par with state-of-the-art protein interaction methods,
  and opens the door towards new biological researches underlying a big
  data of macromolecular webs.

  The results of this research were published on Molecular Systems Biology,
  Vol 12, Number 4.

  Press Release

* Associate Professor Yu Kosaka (Climate Science Research)  received the
  Young Scientists Prize, in the Commendation for Science and Technology
  by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  (MEXT). The commendation ceremony was held on April 20, 2016.

* Project Research Associate Takumi Kinoshita (Academic-Industrial Joint
  Laboratory for Renewable Energy) wins the Young Researcher Oral
  Presentation Award

* Maneerat Termtanasombat (Kanzaki-Takahashi Lab.) wins the Poster Award
  of 16th BIO UT


* KOMABA Research Campus Open House 2016

  On June 3 and 4, RCAST and the Institute of Industrial Science will be
  held 2016 open house in Komaba Research Campus.

* Briefing on admission to the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary
  Studies, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo for the
  2016 academic year
  "The RCAST Graduate School - Broad Scope, Deep Research"

  DATE/TIME  6/3 18:00-20:00
  VENUE:  Seminar Room, 2F, Building 4, RCAST

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