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RCAST NAVI 2016/09



[Research News]
[RCAST Research]

*The environment acts on fat cells

  The expression "lifestyle-related disease" will be familiar to most
  Japanese readers. So how are diseases caused by lifestyles? Do
  environmental factors such as nutrition and/or other common daily factors
  rewrite genetic information? Sakai Laboratory has been conducting
  experiments to come up a new treatment methods to prevent
  lifestyle-related disease.

*Researchers succeed in developing a genome editing technique that does
  not cleave DNA

  The technique offers, through high-level editing operation, a method to
  address the existing issues of genome editing. It is expected that the
  technique will be applied to gene therapy in the future in addition to
  providing a powerful tool for breeding useful organisms and conducting
  disease and drug-discovery research.
  The research is done by a team consists of Project Associate Professor
  Keiji Nishida, Professor Akihiko Kondo  (Kobe University) , Associate
  Professor Nozomu Yachie (Synthetic Biology, RCAST) and Professor Kiyotaka
  Hara (University of Shizuoka).

## Topics ##

  Visiting Research Fellow Yasuhiro Suzuki(Assistive Technology) presented
  his artworks at the first London Design Biennale as Japan official
  Participating Artist. ROCKET (Room of Children with Kokorozashi and
  Extraordinary Talents) project supported the exhibition.

  The 2016 Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies Autumn Semester
  Matriculation Ceremony was held.

  The 2016 Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies Autumn Semester
  Commencement Ceremony was held.

## Online News ##

  The Japan News - Companies aim for barrier-free society
  Professor Satoshi Fukushima (barrier-free)

  The Asahi Shimbun VOX POPULI: Messages of hope help ease sorrow of
  Sagamihara mass killings Associate Professor Shinichiro Kumagaya


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