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RCAST NAVI 2017/05


  2017 MAY

* This week!! KOMABA Research Campus Open House 2017 [2017/6/2,3]

  Annual KOMABA Research Campus Open House will be held on June 2nd and
  3rd. It's a great opportunity to explore the cutting-edge research being
  carried out at the University of Tokyo. We open the research institute
  to share our research activities with experts and the general public.

[Research News]
* Protein acts as natural diode
  Newly discovered pathways for transferring electrons involved in
  metal-oxide reduction (Theoretical Chemistry)

  Researchers at the University of Tokyo identified the pathways for
  transferring electrons in the bacterial protein MtrF by ascertaining
  through computer simulation the protein's detailed molecular structure
  involved in anaerobic respiration, the process by which bacteria and
  other organisms produce energy in the absence of oxygen.

  Protein acts as natural diode

* Robotic crowd biology accelerates life science researches (Synthetic

  A new research concept "robotic crowd biology" that was proposed by a
  team of researchers led by Associate Professor Nozomu Yachie at Research
  Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo and
  Robotic Biology Consortium to accelerate various life science researches
  was published in Nature Biotechnology.

  Robotic crowd biology accelerates life science researches


* IHEST from France visited Komaba Research Campus

## Online News ##

  Dismal lack of competition behind Abe's support rates
  Professor Izuru Makihara (Political Administrative System)


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