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NATO-Japan Symposium 2023: Emerging Security Challenges

Event Information

Date and Time November 13, 2023 09:00 - 12:20

Ito Hall, Hongo Campus, The University of TokyoOpen a new window


Economic Security Program, RCAST, The University of Tokyo

Capacity 396 people
Entrance Fee Free *Pre-registration required
Registration Method

Applications accepted via Google form * Application deadline: Sunday, November 12, 2023, 12:00

  • On the day of the event, it will be prohibited to bring in dangerous materials and to eat and drink in the venue etc. Please also note that participants will need to follow our instructions.
  • Please make sure to bring your photo ID (e.g., student card, driver’s license, etc.) on the day of the event for us to confirm your identity. For security reasons, we may decline those whose identity we cannot confirm.
  • If an interpretation device is lost or damaged, you may be asked to pay for the damage. Please be sure to return it when you leave.

Economic Security Program, RCAST, The University of Tokyo (Akira Igata, Project Lecturer)

  • Summary of the Symposium:

    The world is in a state of upheaval. Strategic competition, pervasive instability and recurrent shocks define our broader security environment. We face global and interconnected challenges. China’s military build-up, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, increasing tensions in the Middle East, and DPRK’s nuclear and missile programme.

    Against this backdrop, NATO, the Embassy of Denmark (NATO Contact Point Embassy), the EU Delegation to Japan, and the Economic Security Research Program (ESRP) at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), The University of Tokyo will co-host a symposium titled “NATO-Japan Symposium 2023: Emerging Security Challenges.”

    The objective of this symposium is to promote practical cooperation on a wide array of issues between NATO and Japan in the Indo-Pacific, not least new and emerging security challenges such as economic security, critical and emerging technologies, hybrid challenges in the information sphere and maritime domains. Building resilient societies will also be central to the partnership as it is key to protect our populations and territory in the future.

    If you would like to attend, please sign up through the registration form. Please note that if there are a large number of applicants, participants may be selected through a lottery. The results will be sent by email on November 12.

    We will also have a short networking session following the conclusion of the program. We look forward to your participation.

    Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation will be provided)


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