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Project Lecturer Takeshi Sakurai won the 2015 Yoshida Award


  Project Lecturer Takeshi Sakurai (Intelligent Cooperative Systems) has been received the 2015 Yoshida Award in 37th meeting of the Japanese Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry .This award is given to young scientists who achieved great results in the realm of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry.

About research 
  Male moths locate their mates using species-specific sex pheromones emitted by conspecific females. Although such phenomena was first described by Jean-Henri Fabre in his book “Souvenirs entomologiques” more than 100 years ago, molecular and neural mechanisms that underlie highly specific and sensitive sex pheromone recognition of male moths have long remained a mystery. In this study, using a model insect species the silkmoth, we revealed molecular mechanisms of sex pheromone discrimination at sensory level, antennae. We also found neural mechanisms that define behavioral response specificity to conspecific pheromones and the ability to display behavioral responses to minuscule amounts of pheromone molecules.

Project Lecturer Takeshi Sakurai(right)

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