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Barrier-Free Fukushima Laboratory

We are researchers with disabilities who conduct studies aiming to make people and society more accessible

In the Barrier-free Laboratory, Professor Satoshi Fukushima, the world's first deafblind university faculty member, and mainly other researchers who themselves have disabilities conduct studies aiming to make people and society more accessible.

Based on his own experiences as deafblind, Professor Fukushima carries out various research in pursuit of not only the essence of human communication and the meaning of disability experiences, but also the ideal support system for disabled people.

Project Professor Jun Ishikawa, a totally blind researcher specializes in sociology, disability studies and assistive technologies. Prof. Ishikawa is also elected as a member of the Committee on the CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) of United Nations. The committee reviews how each state party implements the CRPD.

Project Researcher Naoyuki Okochi, who is also totally blind, has done a wide variety of research concerning accessibility from the standpoint of a disabled person, including topics such as assistive technologies for the deafblind and the blind, dissemination and awareness raising of barrier-free movie, theater, and the promotion of welfare community planning.

Project Researcher Mami Kodama has conducted practical research on special education for totally or partially deaf children, and now studies how to support the language acquisition of deaf children aged 0-6 years, and how to support their parents.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Tojisha-Kenkyu Laboratory headed by Associate Professor Shin-ichiro Kumagaya (physically disabled), we are cultivating our partnership with Tojisha-Kenkyusha specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders and hearing difficulties. Fukushima laboratory and Kumagaya laboratory are now developing a globally unparalleled center for disability studies led by researchers with disabilities.

Publication cover image
Publication cover image
Prof. Fukushima communicates using Finger Braille
Prof. Fukushima communicates using Finger Braille


  • Satoshi FUKUSHIMA
  • Specialized field:Interdisciplinary barrier-free studies, Disability studies
Project Professor Jun ISHIKAWA
Associate Professor (concurrent) Ryoji HOSHIKA
<As of May 2020>


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