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Inclusive Academia Project

What if conventional research environments inhibit the exceptional potential of researchers with disabilities? In collaboration with leading experts in universal design and in barrier-free studies, a distinctive RCAST research field, we are seeking to open a new research arm which develops a mechanism that enables exceptional STEM researchers with disabilities to pursue carrier paths as researchers.

The STEM research sites in Japan, where lab wares, measurement instruments, and analysis systems are packed into small spaces, are far from being ideal environments for researchers with physical disabilities. This project, which involved a team of universal design leading experts, private sector companies involved in the research and development of inclusive environments, researchers with disabilities, and barrier-free studies at RCAST, has kicked off to create environments where disabilities do not limit research careers.

It aims not only to create ideal research environments for all researchers but also apply the developed technology to the aging society, thus contributing to the creation of the inclusive society.

  • RCAST Inclusive Design Lab
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