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Jamology: solution for various jams in the world

Economic losses caused by traffic jam is no less than 12 trillion yen per year; however, not only vehicles cause jam. Our daily life is satisfied with full of jams such as delay of trains, congestion in commuting rush hours, and long queues at service windows. Furthermore, jams in a broad definition are observed in the Internet, queue of ants, flow of blood and protein in our body, factories, and logistics. We study these jams and their solution by “Jamology”, which is a mathematical scientific approach to jams. We model the systems by applying mathematics and physics such as stochastic process and fluid dynamics and understand the mechanism of jams by analyzing them as phase transitions. We also suggest solutions for jams and validate their effectiveness by real experiments.

For example, terrible traffic jam occurs by a little deceleration at a gentle ascent if vehicles are driving with small headway distances. However, if we approach to the jam slowly, we can delay the growth of jams. As a result, there is a possibility that small jam about 1km is completely solved. This solution can be also applied to jams in production lines in factories. Besides, when many people try to evacuate from the building at the same time, the exits often get clogged. It is investigated that setting a suitable obstacle at an appropriate position prevents the clogging and improve the flow of people.

Jamology tries to emergently solve jams from the view point of “more haste, less speed” as in the examples above. We have also started big data analysis and persevered in studying in order to contribute our society by our applicative research outcome.

In addition, we have established a joint-venture with several corporations to promote crowd management and related cooperation between public and private institutions

Jab absorbing experiment
Jab absorbing experiment (in collaboration with JAF)
Pedestrian experiment2
Pedestrian experiment (pedestrians walk through a congested area)
Jam of stocks in a factory
Jam of stocks in a factory


  • Katsuhiro NISHINARI
  • Specialized field:Mathematical physics, Jamology
Associate Professor Daichi YANAGISAWA
Project Associate Professor Claudio FELICIANI
Project Lecturer Satori TSUZUKI
Research Associate Sakurako TANIDA
Project Research Associate Xiaolu JIA

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