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  • Adviser
  • Hikaru KOBAYASHI
  • RCAST Adviser


March 1973 Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics
November 1973 Environment Agency, Government of Japan
August 1979 Institut d'Ubrbanisme, Graduate School at the University of Paris 12 (- June 1981)
July 1985 Director for Industrial Wastes Mangement, Kitakyushu City Government (- June 1987)
August 1993 Visiting fellow, East-West Center, USA (- May 1994)
June 1994 Dision Director for Environmental planning Division, and so on, Environment Agency
July 2004 Director general of Environment Management Bureau at the Ministry of the Environment (MoE), and had successively other Director-General positions
July 2009 Vice-Minister for the MoE
April 2011 Professor, Graduate School of Keio University
2015 Project Professor, Graduate School of Keio University(- June 2018)
April 2017  Scholar-in-Residence, North Central College (IL,USA) by the Fulbright Foundation
April 2019 Senior Program Adviser, RCAST, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
April 2020 Adviser, RCAST, UTokyo

Research Interests

I had various experiences in developing new legislations as well as financial means to build up environment-friendly economy as well as sustainable regional society. I also had rich experiences in negotiating very important international treaties such as the Kyoto Protocol.  Reconciliation with Minamata Disease victims and the government was also one of my greatest remembrances. Thanks to these experiences, I keep contributing to reconstruct a good relationship between humankind and our surrounding nature.


Energy saving, Renewables, CO2 reduction, Urban environmental planning, Policies for ecological economy, Green business

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