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Researcher's Profile

Project Professor
Tatsuoki KONO

Renewable Fuel Global Network


Tel: 03-5452-5720

FAX: 03-5452-5721


1993.04 R&D center, Toshiba Corporation
2004.05 Visiting Associate Professor, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
2005.04 Visiting Lecturer, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University
2009.04 Chief Specialist, Social Infrastructure Systems Company, Toshiba Corporation
2012.04 Head, Aqua Research Centre, Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
2014.12 Senior Manager, New Energy Solution Project, Toshiba Corporation
2016.06 Professor, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University (current position)
2019.04 Project Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo

2001.11 Committee award of Battery Technology, Hydrogen storage properties of new hydrogen storage alloys, La2MgNi9, La5Mg2Ni23, La3MgNi14

Research Interests

We focus on renewable energy management at a convenient and suitable place for overseas and are researching regional renewable management by using renewable hydrogen.
1) Utilization of renewable energy fuel (hydrogen, methane): Utilization for mobility and chemical industry
2) Distributed energy management using renewable energy + hydrogen: local production for local consumption, independent energy system
3) Use of renewable energy fuel : For example, industrial, commercial, logistics, agricultural use, etc.


Hydrogen Energy, Energy Management system, Renewable Energy, Secondary battery

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