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Researcher's Profile


RCAST Adviser


Tel: 03-5452-5413

FAX: 03-5452-5413


1977.3   M.S. Precision Engineering, Osaka University
1977.4   Joined Nippon Steel Corporation (NSC)
1983.9   Department of Metallurgy and Material Science, University of Cambridge, U.K.
1997.6   General Manager, Superintendent of Plate Mill, Kimitsu Works, NSC
2005.6   Director, Technical Development Bureau, NSC
2012.11   Project Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo
2017.04   Adviser, RCAST, UTokyo

Research Interests

Novel application development of various kind of materials, such as steel, nonferrous metal, ceramics, plastics and their composite materials are studied. Effective utilization of radiative and convective heat transfer at high temperature, as well as the control of the surface change phenomena during processing materials at high temperature are of special interest. Research interest is also extended into the field of interdisciplinary study of the Management of Technology, the Business-Academia Collaboration, as well as the Human resource development. Introducing the world's most advanced researches in RCAST to wide range of industries, human resource development of young researchers, and the Industry-government-academia collaboration including business-to-business network are actively supported.


High Performance Materials, Management of Technology, Business-Academia Collaboration

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